Instagram outreach

After reading a recent blog post about the use of Instagram to engage the public in scientific research, I realized that I never shared several photographs, which happen to be fairly Instagram-esque.  These were composed for a science communication class that I participated in last semester and the concept was to have an art exhibit depicting some general science concept.  I chose sexual dimorphism and its many manifestations in beetles.  Specimens used for the photographs were borrowed from the Essig Museum of Entomology and the images were altered using the online program Pixlr-o-matic.  I hope you enjoy and learn a little about the wonderful world of beetles.


One thought on “Instagram outreach

  1. These are definitely ‘instagram-esque’! Great captions to go along with them as well. Exciting to hear about your science communication class – there definitely needs to be more of these type offerings in graduate science programs. Thanks for the blog post share!

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