new year resolutions 2013

resolution1So it’s a bit late for this list, I know.  But considering that yesterday was the first day of the spring semester, I think it’s still appropriate since these are somewhat academic focused resolutions.  I made a list of academic resolutions last year and found this very helpful as a tool to orient myself on where I wanted to be at the end of the year.  Granted, I fell short on some of these resolutions, but I made strides in each of those goals and am pretty content with my current progress.  Since I found this exercise helpful, I’ve decided to do it again in the hopes of continually challenging and pushing myself towards my goals.  I encourage you to do the same!

1.  Publish…but seriously this time.

Okay, so I didn’t publish last year, but I’m really feeling that this is the year to get this rolling for me.  One pub is all set and ready to go.  I just need to make edits that the reviewers suggested and it’s finished.  I have several others in the works…let’s do this!

2.  Enjoy blogging more.

Last year I made the goal of posting more to the blog – specifically at least 4 posts a month.  And though I did blog a lot more than the first few months when I started this site, I didn’t always make that goal of 4.  And oftentimes I squeezed one post in on the last day of the month.  And, to be honest, that very specific number of posts became a source of stress for me.  Sometimes I’m really motivated to post on here and other times I’m busy with that whole “being a grad student” thing.  And let me tell you, I do not need another thing on my “To-Do” list that I don’t enjoy. So my new resolution is not to post a specific number of blogs in a set amount of time – it creates unnecessary pressure.  My resolution is just to have fun with what I do post on here.   If I’m going to continue blogging, I want it to be something I look forward to and not something that I become anxious about.  And a happy blogger makes for more enjoyable posts anyway.

3.  Get outside!

I did a lot of traveling and lab work this past year, which was great and productive, but something was always missing.  Except for the month when I taught outdoor education, I really didn’t get outside.  Part of the reason I decided to attend UC Berkeley was to have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of California.  This coming year I need to get large amounts of research accomplished, but I also want to explore and experience the outdoors more often.  Let’s go for a hike!

4.  Relinquish being a luddite.

Alright, well I’ve actually tweeted for the past several weeks (really? is that the actual term? who came up with this?).  I’ll try it out since it seems to come highly recommended from some.  I’m also going to get a new phone in the next few weeks.  I can’t believe I’ll actually be moving past my flip phone razr…but it’s gotten to the point where I can no longer speak to someone for more than ten minutes without the battery dying.  For those of you that know me, I might actually even enable texting on this phone…::shudder::.  I don’t know, it’s a big step, we’ll see how it goes.  I am very excited at the prospect of getting directions without handwriting step-by-step instructions from google maps (‘old school’ as my brother calls it).  I’m also hoping that my attempt to embrace technology will make everyday life details easier to manage.  It seems to work for most, so I’ll give this a whirl.

5.  Take more photographs!

This resolution is something I really want to work on this year.  Last year I purchased my fabulous camera and I love it!  At the beginning of this month, I posted the macrophotography challenge that I’ve posed to myself.  I think this will really get me motivated to take more photographs and also help with my goal of getting outside and enjoying nature (and beetles!) more often.

There you go – five concrete goals that I would like to work towards in 2013.  What about you?  Any goals (academic or otherwise) for the coming year?


One thought on “new year resolutions 2013

  1. Number 2 is a good one. One of the reasons that my last blog failed is because I started out with several posts a day to have a seemingly legit blog; This ended up being a trip wire for my sense of productivity when I got bored of all that, (along with the fact that I didn’t have a camera at the time). All of this led my to deleting the blog because it was mostly other people’s photographs with uninspired stories along with them. I’m lucky enough to have time for at least one post a week n my new blog, which only works because I’m usually anxious to do another one after 5 days into the week. Even if it’s just one post a year, it’s better than none. 😉

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