bozeman – a beetle winter wonderland

macro9This past week I have been visiting the Montana State University Insect collection in Bozeman.  When I arrived, the weather was 2 degrees F and I’m from Florida, so I was pretty terrified of turning into an icecube as I walked off the plane.  But, this trip turned out to be absolutely fantastic.  I was able to find some valuable material for my project in the collection and see some truly amazing beetles.  Beetles that made me appreciate the small stuff all the more.  The ones you need to see with a microscope are really the best. And you know what?  The weather wasn’t all that bad.  It’s amazing what the right clothes and decent heating will do!  It even snowed – something I have rarely experienced, so it was a real treat for me.

I packed light for this trip and didn’t bring my macro lens, but here are a few more pictures to add to the 365 challenge that I took in Berkeley before I left.

Also, this trip made me realize that I need to work on my general beetle knowledge.  I’m going to make it a major goal this year to learn more about the many beetle families, especially the small ones.  More on that soon!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful and productive first full week of the new year!


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