holiday gifts for entomophiles

Entomology Holiday Gifts 2012The holiday season is upon us and I love this time of year!  I thought I’d post a mini gift-giving guide for those special people in your life who love all things insect related.  This, of course, might be you, but you can forward this on to someone else!  All the gifts shown here are from Etsy shops so you can feel good about supporting small businesses.  Make sure to browse around each of the shops because most of them have several really great entomology themed items.  I’m terribly biased so you can see that most of the things I chose to show here involve beetles.  I tried to include a price range of items that even grad students should be able to afford.  I know I’m putting a few of these on my Christmas list this year!

1.  Longhorn Beetle Illustration Print, $25

2.  Fly Bracelet, $40

3.  Weevil Vintage Print, $10

4.  Cross-stitch Mosquito, $40

5.  Dung Beetle TeaTime, $18

6.  Mantis Coffee Mug, $24

7.  Beetle Pillow, $79

8.  Bees Knees Vintage Print, $24

9.  Caddisfly Bookmark, $3

10.  Keep Calm and Collect On, $9

P.S. – I know I missed the boat for Chanukah already, but it’s always a good time of year for giving and receiving gifts!


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