insect street art in madrid

It is an overcast and rainy day here in Berkeley – a reflection of the mental state many of us are probably experiencing after yesterday’s events.  So I’ve decided to attempt to counter these gloomy feelings and share some color and vibrance with you today.  I haven’t yet spoken of the time that I spent in Madrid this past spring.  Part of the reasoning for this is my inability to truly encompass how amazing I think that city is.  I’m not that much of a city girl, but Madrid is my favorite city to date.  Part of the reason that makes the place so wonderful (in my opinion) is the copious amount of street art.  It adds to the vibrance and heart that the city already possesses so very much of.  As an entomologist, I especially enjoyed several pieces with pretty accurately drawn insects.  Just look at those flies in the top photo – six legs seemingly coming from the abdomen and only two wings per fly – fabulous!

 I truly appreciate the embracing of street art in any community.  Here in Berkeley, a decent amount of art exists on the walls in the downtown area and throughout some of the neighborhoods.  But, honestly, I wish there were more of it.  I think it’s a beautiful reflection of the people who reside there.  I need to make a point to look around San Francisco the next time I make the trip over the bay as there’s bound to be some beautiful pieces around that community – hopefully some with an entomology twist.  Do you have any favorite cities or areas with wonderful street art?


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