I survived!

Whew!  It has been quite the month ladies and gents.  I am just absolutely thrilled that it’s over and that I’m here to tell the tale.  After returning from my month of running around with young curious minds and teaching them about the wonderful world of insects, I had to hunker down and get some grant writing done.  Not that I mind grant writing…at first.  I enjoy crafting the proposal and trying to get the writing just so…up to a point.  Then my brain begins to kick and scream for me to stop.  I wrapped that up two weeks ago.

Then the same day that the last proposal was due, I hopped on a midnight plane to attend the Entomology Society of America‘s annual meeting.  The meeting was in Knoxville, Tennessee and I loved it!  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I love the south.  People here in the bay area really love San Francisco and it’s nice and all, but I’d trade it for some decent bar-b-q.  Hopefully my career path will lead me to one day live in the south.  We’ll have to wait and see – the suspense is killing me!

The ESA meeting (not to be confused with the Ecological Society of America or the Eastern Surfing Association) was really great for me this year.  I gave two talks – one actually on my research and the other as a fun recap of my trip to examine type specimens over in Europe.  Those went well, but the best part was seeing old colleagues and meeting new ones.  I talked with several Coleopterists at the meeting and have lots of plans already lined up for the new year.  2013 is going to busy, busy, busy!

I was also able to meet some of my blogging buddies in person – Crystal Ernst, Morgan Jackson, and Ted MacRae!  I was running around from one thing to another at this meeting so I didn’t get to talk with them extensively, but it was exciting to actually meet them all face-to-face.  Hopefully I’ll be able to chat with them again in the near future!  Now we’re all following each other on twitter and such.  Did you know I have a twitter account?  Me neither.  Maybe I should start to remedy that soon…

Now that the month of chaos has come to a close, I’m focusing on research.  I cannot tell you how exciting it was to actually look at itsy, bitsy beetles today!

I’ve included some beautiful art prints from Holly Ward Bimba.  Check out her Golly Bard etsy shop and support beautiful beetle artwork!


6 thoughts on “I survived!

  1. Yes! This is the first ‘m hearing about te location. I have family in Austin so what better an excuse 😉 and thanks, you too. I seams that you’ve been many places I’ve been and viseversa.

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