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Utah beauty

Hi everyone!  I’ve been away this past week visiting the Brigham Young University Entomology Museum in Provo, Utah to look for some beetles in their collection.  I’ll be posting some pictures and interesting insect stories from this trip soon.  In the meantime, I want to share some posts from a few other blogs that I found particularly interesting this past week.

The first is from the blog Arthropod Ecology with a post entitled “Why I study obscure and strange little animals“.  Since I also study obscure and strange creatures, this post especially rings true for me and I absolutely recommend that you take a look.  Ditto everything said in this post.

The second really great read from this week is from Morgan Jackson at the blog Biodiversity in Focus with the post entitled “New Species Wants you to See No Weevil“.  He highlights a newly described beetle species that is an incredible fly mimic.  I will say no more.  Just go read this post.  It’s ridiculous and cool.  Ridiculously cool.


2 thoughts on “Learned Links

  1. Say hi to Shawn Clark for me!! I have vollunteered many hours there 😀 donated many bugs too! Also, i have deleted beetlebrained and started a new blog. Would you do me a favor and make a quick adjustment on your blog roll?? i could really use the help :p here’s the link http://shieldwinged.blogspot.com/ and thanks!! 😀

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