Jardin des Plantes…Redux

Remember back when I made that trip to Europe a few months ago?  I briefly mentioned the Jardin des Plantes and how it was oh so lovely.  Here’s a bit more on that beautiful place.  The Jardin des Plantes is the main botanical garden in Paris, France and is located near the bank of the Seine river.  The grounds of the garden include the Grande Gallery de l’Evolution, the Minerology Museum, the Paleontology Museum, and the Entomology Museum.  I never actually went inside the Grande Gallery de l’Evolution, but it is on my top list of things to do if I get the opportunity to travel back to Paris at some point.  The majority of my time in Paris a few months ago was spent in the Entomology Museum, of course, and I had very little time to go outside and explore.

One day though, during lunch, I left the walls of the museum and headed out into the garden.  The following are some of the beautiful flowers and pollinators that were enjoying the rays of sunshine during the beginning of the Paris spring.


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