National Moth Week 2012

We are in the midst of another insect themed week!  The week of July 23rd-29th marks National Moth Week in celebration of some of the most wonderful nocturnal creatures of the insect world.  If you’ve read my inaugural blog post, you know that moths have a special place in my heart.  I began my entomology research in the world of brown moths with crazy looking genitalia.  And so even though my world is currently very beetle centered, I still love and respect the wild, wonderful moths.

National Moth Week is a celebration to recognize these creatures, which comprise a large portion of our world’s biodiversity, yet are often overlooked since they are commonly nocturnal and usually not very colorful as adults.  You can check out the website for this event and check out the numerous activities taking place throughout the week.  You can find and attend one of the many public events and check out what collecting and observing moths at night is all about.

I personally don’t have very many pictures of moths currently in my collection, but I’m sharing this beautiful street art that I saw in Berkeley last year featuring some Lepidopteran families.  Perhaps some of my more moth inclined friends can figure out what some of these are.  I know that at least this one represents moths in the family Sesiidae:

Any help with possible IDs on the others would be great!  Enjoy National Moth Week – at least check out what’s flying in to your porch light!


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