and now for something completely different

There are some moments in graduate school where you feel lost and directionless.  What am I doing here?  Should I be here?  How long have I been here?  Is it lunch time yet?  If you’re lucky, these moments are few and far between.  There are other moments in graduate school where you have so many tasks to accomplish and so many things you’re trying to attain that you don’t have time to ask questions.  You have tasks.  You accomplish them.  You move onto the next task.  It’s one of those times for me right now….and I love it. Sure it’s stressful, but it’s also incredibly exciting to see your research progressing.

I’m in the final planning stages for an international trip to visit museums and examine my beetles.  I’m going to Europe.  I’ve never been to Europe.  I’m going to France.  I don’t speak French.  I’m going to Spain.  I don’t speak Spanish.  I’m anxious, but simultaneously extremely excited.  Needless to say it’s difficult to find the time for this blog, but I’m trying to make time for it.  After all, I enjoy doing this and I’m constantly thinking of ideas and about how I want to develop this site – for my readers and for myself.

So even though I don’t have a post filled with beetle behavior or entomological wonder research, I’m sharing some adorable itsy bitsy beetles that I found on the etsy shop Su Ami.  They brightened my day and I hope they’ll do the same for you.


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