on the lighter side

Thank you all for continuing to read and return to the blog!  If you have read all two of my blogs, you are now one of my faithful readers!  Sadly, your only prize is my adoration.

I realize that the video in my first posting was quite intense, terrifying, amazing, haunting – possibly all of the above!  So to lighten the mood here is a purely entertaining beetle video.  I was definitely a sesame street kid growing up (and currently) and definitely remember this from my childhood.

To add a bit of scientific knowledge to this post:

Ladybugs (or ladybirds) are beetles and they are all in the family Coccinellidae.  Though they are all portrayed as looking very similar in most popular media, there are actually about 6,000 described species in the world.  Just for reference of scale, there are less than 6,000 mammal species in the world.  So there are many, many different types of ladybugs!  There are some blue and shiny ones, there are some black ones, and there are some really hairy ones.  Though seemingly innocent, many ladybug species are predators of other insects like aphids and so are often used in biological control.  If you’re a gardener, you already understand how helpful ladybugs can be in helping rid those pesky aphids (though this practice has its own controversies).

*Scientific note:  Ladybugs have six legs, just like all insects.  Ladybugs do not actually wear adorable bonnets.


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